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Unlock Exclusive Dog Training Benefits – Sign Up Now!

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Ultimate Membership

Ultimate Membership: $158.00
Ultimate Membership

 Unparalleled Personalised Training and Care for Your Dog

The Ultimate Membership at Walkys Dog Training Academy is our most comprehensive offering, designed for pet owners seeking the highest level of personalised care and training for their dogs. Experience the ultimate in dog training with this all-inclusive membership:

One Full Day of Daycare Provide your dog with a full day of engaging activities and supervised play in a secure environment. Our daycare ensures your dog remains active, happy, and well-socialised throughout the day.

Safe Socialisation We facilitate positive social interactions with other dogs and humans, helping your dog develop confidence and social skills. Our focus on safe socialisation promotes a well-balanced temperament.

Monitored Play Our structured play sessions are designed to be both fun and educational. Your dog will learn appropriate play behaviors and improve their social dynamics through guided interactions and activities.

Impulse Control Training Impulse control is an essential part of our training program. Our trainers use proven techniques to help your dog learn patience and self-control, crucial for managing behaviors and responding to commands.

Progress Report Stay informed about your dog's development with regular progress reports. We provide detailed insights into your dog's behavior, social interactions, and training milestones.

Online Community Access Join our online community for additional support and resources. Connect with other dog owners, share experiences, and receive expert advice from our trainers.

Outdoor Exercise Our Ultimate Membership includes outdoor exercise sessions to keep your dog physically fit and healthy. These sessions provide fresh air and new environments for exploration and play.

Photo Updates Receive regular photo updates to stay connected to your dog's daily activities. Our trainers capture moments of your dog's day, providing visual insights and cherished memories.

Video Updates Enhance your connection with your dog's training journey through video updates. Our trainers provide video footage of training sessions and daily activities, offering a comprehensive view of your dog's progress.

Individual Training Our Ultimate Membership includes individual training sessions tailored to your dog's specific needs. Our trainers work one-on-one with your dog to address unique behavioral issues and enhance overall training effectiveness.

Client Requests We cater to the unique needs of each dog and owner. Our Ultimate Membership allows for client-specific requests, ensuring personalized attention and care for your pet.

Circuit Training Our circuit training sessions are designed to challenge your dog physically and mentally. These sessions incorporate a variety of exercises and activities to improve agility, strength, and cognitive skills.

Personal Trainer Experience the benefits of a dedicated personal trainer for your dog. Our trainers provide focused, one-on-one attention to address specific training goals and behavioral issues.

Personalised Training Plan Our Ultimate Membership includes a customised training plan tailored to your dog's unique needs and abilities. This plan ensures targeted, effective training to achieve the best results.

In Home Training Bring the expertise of our trainers to your home with in-home training sessions. These sessions provide convenience and address behaviors in your dog's natural environment.

Group Training Session Our group training sessions offer opportunities for your dog to learn and practice commands in a social setting. These sessions promote socialisation and reinforce training in a group environment.

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