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The benefits of having a well trained dog extend well beyond the visible attributes and being able to control your dog's actions via cues/commands. A dog that understands their role in a family and is mentally stimulated through awareness of the rules,  commands, training and on-leash behaviour is much less likely to be stressed out in new or uncomfortable situations.
A good knowledge of foundation & basic obedience training sets both you and your dog up for a greater quality of life wether in the backyard, on walks or inside around your family.

Training is an amazing way to keep your best mate mentally stimulated and fit leaving your dog happy and calm. Our methods of balanced and positive reinforcement behavioural training are both safe for your dog/s and fun for everyone involved.

We work with your dog to create a happy and healthy environment improving the relationship for everyone!


- WEEKLY WALK & TRAIN BOOKING - Great Value, Highly Recommended!

Weekly Structured walks using specific balanced training methods, promoting healthy habits and routine, creating a happy, calm and well rounded Dog.

Our Weekly Walk & Train is Walkys innovative booking program for those of you for whom its hard to find the time to give your dog the exercise you wish you could and also want to see them grow into a healthy, happy and well trained individual.

Once a week, much like a doggo daycare, we pick up your dog and they get to head out with a specifically vetted, insured and trained Walkys Dog Trainer getting exercise and learning Foundation & Obedience training ensuring both a physical and mental work out! 
  • Weekly bookings
  • Pick up / Drop off
  • Live Photo’s of your best mate having a Super time!
  • Post booking tutorial video's on how to stay consistent with the training.
  • Your Best Mate returned Safe, Sound and pooped from the experience!
  • Fully Trained, vetted & Insured Walkys Dog Trainers!
  • Additional Dogs Half price


  Access to Walkys Online Training Platform including tutorials, online courses, videos, posts, live feeds, special discounts and Q&A's wiith Walkys Trainers.




Instructional lessons and videos outlining the beginnings of Dog trainingand setting up both you and your Dog for success.



Instructional lessons and videos take you through basic obedience training, teaching you and your Dog the skills to communicate and co-exist happily.



   All Walkys Training Programs include FREE delivery on all accesories and food to the Illawarra region!
Our Dog Food is delivered weekly so you never have to stress about filling your fridge but get to take advantage of the great value and pricing of buying in bulk!


  Unfortunately We are still regionaly limited with our physically present training programs and can only service the Illawarra / Coal Coast regions. But we are constantly growing and hope to be available to everyone soon!
In the mean time if you're out of area check out the Online Training Program an awesome resource for any Dog lover / trainer or get in touch to book an Online Training Session with Nath Morrison head trainer at Walkys. 

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