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The Comprehensive Guide to Teaching the "Place" Command

The Comprehensive Guide to Teaching the "Place" Command

Walkys Dog Training Academy, mastering the "Place" command is a cornerstone of our training program. This command is invaluable for promoting calm, controlled behavior in dogs, especially in a bustling environment like ours where multiple dogs interact daily. Here, we detail our step-by-step approach to teaching this essential skill effectively.

Understanding the "Place" Command

The "Place" command instructs your dog to go to a specific spot and remain there until released. This can be a bed, a mat, or any designated area. This command is not just about obedience; it's about creating a safe zone for your dog, a place of comfort and security.

Selecting the Ideal Location

Criteria for the Perfect "Place"

Choosing the right spot is crucial. It should be a low-traffic area yet within sight of everyday family activities. This inclusion helps your dog feel connected while still being contained. The chosen place must have enough space for your dog to comfortably lie down and stretch.

Step-by-Step Training Process

Introducing the "Place"

Begin with a calm, clear introduction of the "Place" to your dog. Lead your dog to the spot and use a consistent command such as "place" or "bed". Use gentle guidance and positive reinforcement to encourage them onto the spot.

Positive Reinforcement

Once your dog steps onto their place, reward them immediately with treats and praise. This positive reinforcement makes the "Place" an appealing destination, not a punishment.

Incremental Training

Start by asking your dog to stay in their place for short periods while you remain close by. Gradually increase the duration and distance thresholds as your dog becomes more comfortable and reliable in following the command. Hold off the reward until you return to your dog and release in the position you wish them to continue.

Enhancing Command Retention

Consistency is Key

For the "Place" command to stick, consistency across training sessions is vital. Use the same command and reward system each time to reinforce the behavior.

Distraction Training

Once your dog is comfortable with the "Place" command in a quiet environment, begin introducing mild distractions to test and strengthen their obedience. This prepares them for real-world situations where calm behavior is essential.

Practice in Various Settings

Practice the "Place" command in different environments to ensure your dog can generalize the skill to various locations and situations.

Integrating the "Place" Command into Daily Routines

Incorporating the "Place" command into your daily routine enhances its effectiveness. Use it during meal times, when guests visit, or any situation where calm behavior is desired. This integration helps solidify the command as part of normal life.


Teaching the "Place" command is more than training; it's about shaping a behavior that enhances both the safety and quality of life for dogs and their owners. At Walkys Dog Training Academy, we emphasize the importance of this command as part of a holistic approach to dog training. With patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement, the "Place" command can become a fundamental part of your dog's repertoire, fostering a happier, more peaceful home environment.