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Outdoor Group Obedience Class with Nath Morrison

Outdoor Group Obedience Class with Nath Morrison: $78.00
Outdoor Group Obedience Class with Nath Morrison

Outdoor Group Obedience Class with Nath Morrison

Discover the joy of exploring the world with your well-behaved dog through Walkys Dog Training Academy's exclusive Monthly Obedience Class. Led by Nath Morrison, the founder of Walkys, alongside our experienced trainers, this program is designed to equip your dog with the obedience skills necessary for adventures anywhere—from bustling cafes to serene beaches.

WHEN/WHERE? 9am First Saturday of each month at Boonerah park Mt Warrigal.

Why Choose Walkys?

  • Leadership from the Founder: Direct training with Nath Morrison, offering his extensive experience and unique approach.
  • Trusted Excellence: Over 200 5-star reviews from satisfied dog owners.
  • Expert Team: Learn from a group of seasoned trainers committed to your dog's success.
  • Community and Support: Benefit from a supportive environment with fellow dog lovers aiming for the same goals.

Who is This Class For?

  • Dogs and their owners seeking advanced obedience training.
  • Those aspiring for their dogs to become well-mannered companions, capable of joining them in various social settings.
  • Pet parents eager to enjoy a wide range of activities with their dogs, without worry.

Outcomes to Expect:

  • Mastery of obedience commands that ensure good behavior in any situation.
  • A dog that can seamlessly fit into all your favorite places, including cafes, beaches, and public spaces.
  • Enhanced communication and bond between you and your dog, making every outing enjoyable.

What You Will Learn:

  • Advanced Obedience Skills: Sit, stay, come, and more—tailored for real-world application.
  • Social Etiquette: Training your dog to behave impeccably in social settings.
  • Environmental Adaptation: Techniques for your dog to remain calm and focused, no matter the surroundings.
  • Lifestyle Integration: Tips on integrating your dog into your lifestyle, so they can accompany you on all adventures.

The class is scheduled for the first Saturday morning of each month at 9 AM, offering a perfect start to your weekend with your furry friend. This opportunity to work closely with Nath Morrison and the Walkys team is an invaluable step toward achieving the ultimate dream of a well-behaved dog that can accompany you anywhere.

Enroll now in Walkys Dog Training Academy's Monthly Obedience Class and transform your dog into the perfect companion for all your adventures. Spaces are limited—secure your spot today for a lifetime of shared memories with your well-mannered dog.