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Unlock Exclusive Dog Training Benefits – Sign Up Now!

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It's lovely to meet you.

Nath here, lovely to meet you! If you're reading this then you've signed up for our famous Training Program,  WALKYS DOG TRAINING ACADEMY. Thanks so much for leaving your deposit! 
This email is to fill you in on all the details you need to know so you're ready for an easy and fun filled first day for your best mate/s.
But first a bit about us.
At Walkys Dog Training Academy our dream is to help as many Dogs as possible learn to fit into human lives and live as comfortably and happy as possible! 
This includes our education and Private Training programs, Structured Dog School, Group Programs, Puppy School etc. We've now opened our own charity to help re- home misunderstood Dogs that need a bit of work they weren't lucky enough to get with their first family. None of this would be possible without the support of our Community (you guys) and its important to us that you understand the outstanding impact joining our community has on the many, many Dogs we work with every single day!
So before we get into more detail about what you get from us,
Thank your for your support, community & business.
Nath Morrison
WDTA Owner | Head Trainer
And now a bit about 
Walkys Dog Training Academy
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Walkys Dog Training Academy (Dog School)
Sick of traditional 'Doggy Daycares' teaching your Dog bad habits and terrible social skills?
Recall non existent around other Dogs?
Did your friendly Dog have a bad interaction at a 'Dog park'?
Walkys Dog Training Academy watched countless clients doing all the hard work with good intentions, sending their Pups to traditional (Free Range / No Structure) 'Doggy Daycares' only to see all their efforts undone!
The horror stories we hear every day from clients that attended daycares and dog parks believing they are doing the right thing is disturbing! We quickly realised there had to be a better solution and thus the extremely popular Walkys Dog Training Academy was created!
Walkys Dog Training Academy provides a Mental & Physical Canine Workout like no other! We are no Daycare thats for sure!
Walkys Dog Training Academy is a School for Dogs, we get to Play we get to Exercise, but most importantly we Train. In every task there is an opportunity to teach the desired behaviour.
Brought to you by our amazing ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ - Google rating Walkys Team you can expect only the top care, love & quality from our trainers and in our methods, services and facilities!
Sign up to our Set & Forget Direct Debit payment schedule & have an entire day of fun, training and exercise every week!
Walkys Dog Training Academy includes;

🐾 Train | Exercise | Play
🐾 Safe + Structured
🐾 Hygienic + Clean
🐾 Calm Training
🐾 Crate Training
🐾 Individual & Group walks
🐾 Loose leash walking
🐾 Monitored play
🐾 Correct Dog Introduction
🐾 Obedience Training
🐾 Foundation Training
🐾 Early drop offs
🐾 Late Pick ups
🐾 Photo and video updates
🐾 Structure & Boundaries 
🐾 Set & Forget Payments
🐾 Ongoing Training tips & advice
🐾 Professional Trainers
🐾 Clean & Safe Environment
🐾 Friendly & helpful staff
🐾 Dog lovers & Advocates
🐾 Free Community walks

All of this & more supplied by our
⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ - Google rating Walkys Team
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Sounds awesome? 
Now the bits you need to know! 

Lets get this bit out of the way,
Payment is made via direct debit using Ezidebit.
You will receive an email from Ezidebit to complete payment details prior to your first day. Please keep an eye out and if you haven't seen it just give us a call or message and we will follow up for you. Ezidebit works just like a gym membership. It takes the payment out of your selected account or card on the day you attend Walkys Dog Training Academy. Payments in arrears 2 weeks or more may put your daycare spot at risk. 
Please contact admin 0499 239 395 to discuss or email info@walkys.com.au.
We understand life in unpredictable at times. We ask for 2 weeks notice for cancellations so we can be sure your direct debit is cancelled and you receive any outstanding sessions paid for. You can email us to do this at any time to info@walkys.com.au. If you can’t attend on the day we ask for a minimum 24 hours notice or we won’t be able to refund your payment or credit you for the missed session. Same day cancellations will be charged in full.
(Please note admin hours are 11am-3pm, we will endeavor to get back to you within 24hrs)
Your Deposit.
You have paid a one week deposit prior to receiving this email. This works as a placeholder  for your booking keeping you one week in advance. if you ever wish to stop your Walkys Dog Training Academy Membership you can use this deposit for your last session. (Please note if you don't provide us with the 2 weeks notice to cancel you will forfeit your deposit.)
Pick up / Drop Off
Walkys Dog Training Academy is open for drop off 7.30am - 9.30am and pick up 3.30pm - 5.45pm. Training starts 9.30am -3.30pm so please ensure they are dropped off on time to avoid being turned away. Please note you will be charged a late pick up fee of $16. So please take advantage of these times and drop off/pick up at a time that suits you. 
For the safety of all dogs we need to keep a record of up to date C5 vaccinations on file so please make sure you pup is up to date and email us a copy of the certificate. If its been a while since your last vaccinations and can't remember where you put the certificate, most vets are happy to email you a copy :)
email certificates to admin@walkys.com.au
Pet Insurance & Liability Waiver
Whilst Walkys delivers a safe and hygienic venue for monitored play, exercise and training we recommend obtaining an appropriate amount of pet insurance cover. Please Sign our Liability waiver via this link 
Starting at Walkys Dog Training Academy means you accept our terms and conditions available on our website.
What to bring?
All you need is a flat collar with a name tag and as well as a lead upon entry to the premises. If your dog has any favourite toys or preferred treats that will enhance their training then feel free to bring them along but this is optional.
Do they Need lunch?
Unless your Dog is on a specific or medical diet it is unnecessary for them to eat during the day. We train with healthy, natural dog treats sourced from Australia. If your pet has any allergies, please let us know.
Where to Drop off?
We now are very excited to have TWO locations!
4/2 Commerce Dr Lake Illawarra
1 /32 Investigator Dr Unanderra
Social Media.
Make sure you give us your Instagram handle so we can keep you updated throughout the day by tagging you in videos and photos of your dog in training, exercising, and having an awesome time!
We are very proud to include FREE access to our Facebook group 
We have community Pack walks, group training, Live Q & A's along side an awesome community of like minded Dog Lovers & Trainers who are always ready to discuss and answer questions whenever you need help.
Our Lead Your Pack Podcast is also available wherever you stream podcasts!
Our Training
We are Dog trainers. This means that we use 95% positive reinforcement training with the occasional correction to ensure that we can achieve certain behaviour modifications. All of our trainers are passionate animal lovers who take their jobs very seriously however this does not mean that there is any lack of affection or fun! 
Love, Respect, Loyalty is our motto. 
Here are some need to knows when it comes to the way we work:
What will your dog be doing while in our care?
Each dog comes to us with an individual training goal. Whether they are a puppy learning basic obedience, an anxious dog who needs socialisation or a dog needing more mental and physical stimulation. Our training will depend on your requests as a client. However, every dog in our care receives correct socialisation, play time, calm training, exposure training, structured walks, circuit training, behaviour modification, pack walks, outdoor adventures and many more!
What we ask from you
We pride ourselves on being completely transparent with you as our client. However we ask the same from you. If your dog is reactive, has a medical condition or has a bite history, please tell us so that we can take the precautionary measures necessary. We do not judge, we are here to help!
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If you haven't yet, please follow us on Instagram! 


With so much love,

Nath Morrison.