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Unlock Exclusive Dog Training Benefits – Sign Up Now!

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Basic Membership

Unlock Essential Training and Socialisation for Your Dog

Welcome to the Basic Membership at Walkys Dog Training Academy, where we lay the foundation for your dog's growth and happiness. Our Basic Membership is designed to provide essential care and socialisation in a safe, controlled environment. Here's what you can expect:

One Full Day of Daycare Your dog will enjoy a full day of stimulating activities and supervised play, ensuring they stay active and engaged. Our daycare provides a secure space for your pet to explore, interact, and expend energy under the watchful eyes of our experienced trainers.

Safe Socialisation Socialisation is crucial for a well-rounded, happy dog. Our Basic Membership focuses on introducing your dog to new friends in a controlled setting, promoting positive interactions and reducing anxiety around other dogs and people.

Monitored Play Playtime is more than just fun; it’s a vital part of your dog's development. We provide structured, monitored play sessions to help your dog learn appropriate play behaviors and improve their social skills.

Impulse Control Training Impulse control is a key aspect of training, and our expert trainers incorporate techniques to help your dog learn self-discipline. This training is essential for reducing unwanted behaviors and enhancing your dog's ability to respond to commands.

Progress Report Stay informed about your dog's development with regular progress reports. We provide detailed insights into your dog's behavior, social interactions, and training milestones, keeping you connected to their journey.

Online Community Access Join our vibrant online community for additional support and resources. Connect with other dog owners, share experiences, and receive expert advice from our trainers. Our online community is a valuable resource for ongoing learning and engagement.

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