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3-Step Advanced Academy Training Program



Unwanted behaviours stem from a line of Loading, triggered from an outside action, reinforced over time by a reaction where the consequences were deemed beneficial to your Dog.

These variables are endless and determining where to start and the method of communication that will work quickly, safely and humanely for your Dog takes years and years of experience and time spent training and studying behaviour of many, many Dogs.

Every Dog has their own different personality, breed, instincts, history and needs and must be addressed as an individual to gain any kind of lasting results.

Without properly Identifying the behaviour prior to starting a Training Program we would be simply assuming what works for Peter, works for Paul and this is simply starting out on the wrong paw.




Walkys Famous Advanced behavioural training to reform & replace reinforced unwanted behaviours.

Unwanted behaviours stem from a history of subtle recognition and positive reinforcement, on purpose or not that has marked a behaviour as correct more than your communication has intended.

We must now back track through Obedience training and relationship building foundation training to pinpoint and correct communication errors enabling us to begin advanced training. Clearly on a fair playing field both you and your Dog will understand.

Communication is the key to success in all areas of life and your relationship with your Dog is no different at all.

Once a working bond is created our advanced training routines will quickly get our pups on a positive track to success.



Empowering owners with Advanced communication and training techniques for long term results.

Once Walkys trainers have achieved the desired behaviours from your Dog, the next step is to get the same results for the Owner.

Walkys experience speeds up the training process excessively so you will see almost immediate results, however we are not up against years of reinforced behaviours & triggers unwillingly communicating undesired behaviours as correct to your Dog.

We will teach you several types of communication techniques opening a clear and present conversation both yourself and your Dog understand.

Communication is the key to success in all areas of life and your relationship with your Dog is no difference at all.


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Empowering Dogs & Owners with Walkys 3-Step Adv Academy Training Program


  • Academy Training Program is 90 minutes long.
  • We will work together to find a realistic dog training approach that works for you and your Dog.
  • After our session/s, we will continue to support you through email and phone calls to make sure everyone is headed in the right direction. 


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