Walkys Dog Training Academy

Urban Leads

Hand made in Shellharbour, Urban leads are designed with your pack in mind. Exclusively stocked at walkys dog training academy they offer a huge range of training tools including, long lines, slip leads, safety leads and collars.

They are safe, effective and easy to use- no matter what level you’re at with your training. Plus they come is a huge selection of sweet custom colours! 

If you’re a member of Walkys structured day care, you’ll know Urban leads are our preferred tool when working with leash reactive dogs or dogs that like to pull. They are super simple to use and easy to fit to your dog no matter their size. 

Urban leads are perfect for your daily structured walk to ensure pulling and leash reactivity are a thing of the past.

Urban leads long lines are another favourite that help us get the most out of our recall training. Also available in a variety of colours they are perfectly designed to help you work safely in open spaces when teaching and practicing recall techniques. They give you up to 7 meters of flexibility to play with, whilst still ensuring you’re in control at all times. I think every trainer at Walkys owns at least 2 of these epic long lines- perfect for those beach dips when your dogs the only one who’s keen to swim!

All urban leads are exclusively stocked at walkys dog training academy and are available in store & online. And remember our Lead your Pack members get a discount on all food and training tools.

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