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K9-Ed (Dog School)

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K9-Ed (Dog School) 


Sick of traditional 'Doggy Daycares' teaching your Dog bad habits and terrible social skills?

Recall non existent around other Dogs? 

Did your friendly Dog have a bad interaction at a 'Dog park'?

Walkys Dog Training Academy watched countless clients doing all the hard work with good intentions, sending their Pups to traditional (Free Range / No Structure) 'Doggy Daycares' only to see all their efforts undone!

The horror stories we hear every day from clients that attended daycares and dog parks believing they are doing the right thing is disturbing! We quickly realised there had to be a better solution and thus the extremely popular K9-Ed was created!

K9-Ed provides a Mental & Physical Canine Workout like no other! We are no Daycare thats for sure! 

K9-Ed is a School for Dogs, we get to Play we get to Exercise, but most importantly we Train. In every task there is an opportunity to teach the desired behaviour.

Brought to you by our amazing ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ - Google rating Walkys Team you can expect only the top care, love & quality from our trainers and in our methods, services and facilities!

Sign up to our Set & Forget Direct Debit payment schedule & have an entire day of fun, training and exercise every week!

K9-Ed  includes;
🐾 Train | Exercise | Play
🐾 Safe + Structured
🐾 Hygienic + Clean
🐾 Calm Training
🐾 Crate Training
🐾 Individual & Group walks
🐾 Loose leash walking

🐾 Monitored play
🐾 Correct Dog Introduction
🐾 Obedience Training
🐾 Foundation Training
🐾 Early drop offs
🐾 Late Pick ups
🐾 Photo and video updates
🐾 Structure & Boundaries 
🐾 Set & Forget Payments
🐾 Ongoing Training tips & advice
🐾 Professional Trainers
🐾 Clean & Safe Environment
🐾 Insured & Certified
🐾 Friendly & helpful staff
🐾 Dog lovers & Advocates
🐾 Free Community walks

All of this & more supplied by our
⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ - Google rating Walkys Team

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